Achiefy Ambassador Program — become an ambassador and earn bonus rewards
3 min readMay 26, 2022


Achiefy Ambassador Program coming soon

How our Ambassador Program works

To participate in our Ambassador Program, users will need to send an application and in order to receive further rewards — attach their crypto wallet on any blockchain network, supported by, to their Achiefy account.

The ambassador program is split into separate seasons, where each season lasts 4 months. Rewards are granted to ambassadors at the end of each season based on how efficient each ambassador was. Ambassador’s efficiency is determined by the number of Experience Points (XP Points), which they receive for completing various tasks during one season. XP Points will not be transferred into the next season.

What tasks will the ambassadors have to complete

There will be 2 types of tasks:

1. Tasks, which have limits on the number of completions per day, week or month, and which ambassadors can complete several times and constantly earn XP. These tasks can be, for example, creating and posting a video about Achiefy, creating a post on Social Media, dedicated to Achiefy and its functionality, creating and posting an Achiefy dedicated meme, creating and posting Achiefy dedicated content in any game, such as Ambassador has built a house in Valheim game in the shape of the Achiefy logo and posted a screenshot on social media etc.

2. Tasks, which ambassadors can complete as much as they want, but they will be much harder and more complex or one-time tasks, which can be completed only once to earn some big XP reward. Such as writing an article dedicated to Achiefy and its functionality, translating relevant Achiefy content to different languages, inviting a friend into a project or other tasks to expand Achiefy community and increase community activity in our social media and other community channels.

Ambassador Leaderboard and Rewards (work in progress)

Each season has its public Leaderboard which can be viewed in real-time. As identification of an ambassador, there can be used account ID or a blockchain wallet address, which ambassador has attached to platform. Each ambassador program season has its reward pool split into two separate categories: packs and tokens.

Packs may consist of a certain amount of Achiefy reagents and 1–2 NFTs, both these rewards can be used within the future Achiefy platform as well as converted into profit by selling NFTs and reagents on the platform.

Additionally to that, a certain amount of ACF tokens is calculated for every season (in the form of net tokens from the Reserve/ Ecosystem pool or in the form of allocation for Achiefy Ambassadors), which are then distributed to ambassadors.

Based on the summary of each season, all ambassadors will be divided into tiers and get their relative rewards based on the tier they’ve managed to reach. The better the tier, the better rewards. For example, top 1 ambassador will receive the highest and unique tier 1 reward. Next top 10% of the leaderboard (except top 1) — tier 2 rewards, following 30% — tier 3 rewards etc. Every ambassador receives only one tier reward, based on his highest position in the leaderboard.

Soon we will announce the start of our Ambassador Program with all functionality like ambassador profile page, rewards page and other features. We will also release information and a detailed guide on how to participate and how to get the most benefit from this Program. We hope you will enjoy taking part in our tasks and being rewarded for your effort, getting a small taste of our Play and Earn concept. Please note that our Ambassador Program is under review constantly and may be changed during the development of the Achiefy project.

About Achiefy is a blockchain web3 platform for organizing and participating in video games challenges, tournaments, duels and events, rewarded by NFTs and other cool things.

We want to bring a new Play&Earn model to both crypto and gaming worlds, building the bridge between the gaming industry and the world of blockchain, where players can play their favorite online games and monetize their time and effort.

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