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8 min readJan 25, 2022

According to reputable media in the world of the gaming industry 2.7 billion players worldwide spend an average of 7+ hours on video games every single week. Interestingly, for some people video games are an opportunity to escape from the real world and take a break from their daily routine or work. At the same time, a lot of people consider video games their main hobby or even the reason to live, while only a small percentage of the game community members are able to monetize their playing time in the right way.

It is not uncommon to think that a passion for video games brings no benefits to gamers. In addition, it can’t even come close to the classical model of employment in the world of corporate business. There are several exceptions in specialized areas directly related to the gaming industry. That’s why a lot of gamers can’t find the right balance between work and their true passion. They are not able to allocate their time between their social responsibilities and personal time, without sacrificing their real life. And there is an even smaller number of people who have ever thought about using such a “useless hobby” to earn some real money and transform their playing time into real profits.

What will happen if we allow players to earn money by simply playing video games without any initial investment, while just enjoying their favorite video games? Nowadays, this opportunity is provided by our young yet ambitious project called Achiefy!

What is Achiefy? First of all, this is a blockchain platform created for gamers and allows them to receive awards for achievements in video games, and convert these awards into their personal income. But first things first.

There’s no need to play-to-earn when you can earn-while-playing your favorite games

No doubt, the play-to-earn model has been around for a long time. There are many games using blockchain technologies allowing players to earn money by playing these games, thus monetizing their time. However, the key problem is the fact that 100% of existing play-to-earn games have nothing to do with the real world of gamers. At the same time, the quality of such games lags in development for at least a dozen years in comparison with modern games. And it covers all the key parameters of modern video games. The economic model of such games is mostly based on performing monotonous actions while devaluing the emotional experience of the user and transforming the gameplay into a monotonous routine.

Nothing but a monotonous routine. At the same time, all modern play-to-earn products are not able to deliver the same level of pleasure as modern video games do.

After having thoroughly thought about the deep problems of the play-to-earn industry, and having done impressive analytical work, our team consisting of the most prominent enthusiasts in the world of games and crypto-technologies, Achiefy has found an elegant solution, thus allowing gamers to earn by playing their favorite and ABSOLUTELY ANY GAMES! In fact, they can play games that bring pleasure! The key project our project can be described as “earn while playing your favorite games!”

The main idea under the Achiefy project is to offer players tasks of different complexity. By completing these tasks and performing well they will receive rewards having a true value in the cryptocurrency market.

Now imagine an NFT token, which is not just a picture, but a valuable asset. One of the gamers used their skills and spend a lot of time earning them. One cannot just draw this asset to get it. One still needs to earn it or even win it in a competitive gaming environment. In other words, the value of an NFT asset is formed by the number of gaming hours spent by a gamer and their gaming skills. It turns out that the more time one needs to spend on a task to get this asset, and the tougher is the task, the higher is the value and rarity of the NFT token. Furthermore, each player can transform these assets or rewards into real money, thus transforming their passion for video games not only into a pleasant experience but also into earnings.

These days, worlds of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are a truly grey area for gamers

In the majority of cases, modern gamers have no idea of the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. It is a complex and unexplored world for most of them. The key problem is not the fact that they do not understand this market, but the fact that they reject it because they do not have enough information about it, and have no desire to deal with new and complex technology. That is why whenever one of the major game publishers tries to integrate NFT technologies into their games, we can see some powerful rejection by the world of gamers. Furthermore, the main reason for such a rejection is the lack of trust in gaming companies due to the aggressive monetization policy that they have practiced over the past years by the leading companies in the field of video games.

Unlike such a wretched policy, the Achiefy ecosystem will be built in a way that allows making the entry barrier for gamers as low as possible. In addition, there will be no need to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Furthermore, it will not require any financial investments in order to start earning.

Another important advantage of the Achiefy platform is the fact that we plan to reward gamers even for the activities, which were tracked in their favorite games even BEFORE joining the Achiefy platform. In other words, the gamer has to make a very simple decision between playing for fun WITHOUT earning anything, and playing for fun, while GETTING astonishing rewards, which can be easily transformed into their real and 100% legal money. Our main task is to make this choice as obvious as possible by attracting new gamers to the Achiefy platform.

Another important fact is that the community of gamers and the community of crypto gamers are very different

Here’s an interesting fact: Even though the worlds of games and blockchain overlap in many ways, the gaming community that prefers traditional games is very different from the community of the blockchain world. The community of blockchain games is formed mainly from crypto-enthusiasts. Their first step was to discover the world of cryptocurrencies and only then to be interested in blockchain games, thus following the trend. At the same time, the gaming community was formed long before the advent of modern blockchain games or even blockchain technologies in general. Here is a very clear example: Try to offer a traditional gamer any blockchain game, and they will not play it. The problem is that these games do not meet the standards of the modern gaming industry at all. In addition, they offer poor graphics and obsolete technical features, which cannot be compared with ones of modern video games. Moreover, the entry-level of such games is relatively high for an ordinary gamer.

Therefore, the Achiefy platform intends to lower the entry-level for players and make it possible to earn by playing popular games without any financial investments.

You may say the following: “there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Someone has to pay for the project!” So, now we are going to talk about the main mechanics of the Achiefy ecosystem, which is based on the mutually beneficial symbiosis of the gaming community and the crypto community.

It is worth noting that Achiefy brings worlds and communities together

The Achiefy ecosystem offers a unique opportunity for each and every person: for both players and crypto-enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and investors. First of all, a player needs to be able to create the value of a crypto asset by investing their gaming skills and time into it. Then, an artist needs to make this crypto asset visually attractive (by drawing the NFT). After that, a crypto enthusiast must use their trading skills and understanding of the crypto market to buy this digital asset from a player and sell it to collectors, crypto-investors, or any other participants of the crypto market.

Let’s make another example to explain this model:

Step 1. Let’s imagine that an artist creates a cool NFT image while being inspired by a popular video game. By doing this, they form the basic value for an NFT token.

Step 2. A newly created image is used as a reward for completing an in-game task on the Achiefy platform.

Step 3. In order to complete this task, the player must overcome a serious challenge, or perform a complex task. To do that, they will need to use their gaming skills and several hours of time. Thus, the player is forming the additional value for this NFT token by spending their time and resources. Why does it happen like that? There is no other way to earn this token.

Step 4. When the NFT token is completely ready, it can be bought by a crypto enthusiasts or a collector by using ACF tokens (the official token of the Achiefy project).

Step 5. At the same time, the ACF tokens can be sold for fiat currency by using a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a result, you are able to convert your playing time and unique experience into personal earnings.

The value of NFTs in the Achiefy project simply has no limits

In this example, we have considered the creation of the basic value of the NFT token with the participation of an artist, a player, and a crypto enthusiast, as well as a partner, and an investor. At the same time, due to the limitless capabilities of the Achiefy ecosystem for each participant and member of the system, the value of the NFT can be significantly higher.

For example, one of these opportunities is the fact that the Achiefy platform creates the real possibility of creating tournaments where professional esports teams, or even world-renowned teams, will compete for the main NFT award. The image for the NFT token can be created by a famous artist exclusively for this tournament. Furthermore, such tournaments, as well as other activities on the Achiefy platform, can be created in collaboration with gaming companies. These brands will be able to create some additional value for the NFT by placing their name and providing a license to create an image with real game characters. In the future, partner companies can also add additional ways to use the NFT token in their game by allowing the owner of the NFT token to receive a unique in-game skin or title. It is obvious that the potential value of NFT tokens at the Achiefy platform has no boundaries both in market value and in the ways of application.

Key takeaways

First of all, Achiefy is an ambitious project that unites the world of gaming with the world of crypto-technologies. It offers a complex and thoughtful economy and gamification elements, a progression and crafting system, with diverse types of activities from trials and duels to tournaments and championships. It allows the participation of both traditional players and cyber-athletes.

Our project creates real opportunities for earning for both artists and crypto-enthusiasts. All key elements of the project will definitely attract the interest of world-class game studios and developers of blockchain games.

By publishing this first review, we are opening a series of posts where we will consistently disclose key advantages, mechanics, and the most important details of all elements of the Achiefy platform.

We are waiting for your feedback, comments, and recommendations.



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